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Thu, 11 Nov 2010

Recursive covariance


How to compute the average, variance, covariance, and correlation of two series in a recursive way. That is, starting with the statistic for N items, how does it change when item N+1 is added?

Computing (co)variances recursively.

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Thu, 16 Jun 2005


Google scholar (which is great, of course) ascribes a well-known article by Peter Neary to the unknown scholars P. Draft and C. Welcome. I wonder who they are?

from google

Quite productive fellows, it seems.

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Tue, 17 Feb 2004


And then the thesis was done. (2 Mb PDF link).

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Wed, 11 Jun 2003

Models come alive

All things interesting come together in this talk: computers, models, science, games, emergence. Now excuse me while I read it again.

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